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Terms and Conditions

<p>Terms and Conditions:</p> <p>Please carefully read the following terms and conditions before using the application and benefiting from the service. Your entry into the application and its use constitutes your agreement to these terms and conditions and the privacy policy, which is considered a condition of using the application and all applicable laws. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you must refrain from using the application.</p> <p>We welcome all your comments on any of the policies or rules listed below.</p> <p>Acceptable Use - Application Usage:</p> <p>By complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules of conduct, you agree not to do the following:</p> <p>&bull; Use this application in a manner that may cause or reasonably be expected to cause the termination of our rights or any third party's rights.</p> <p>&bull; Transmit, transfer, or publish any information that is or may be harmful, offensive, defamatory, illegal, or that disrupts the narrative on the application or through it.</p> <p>&bull; Attempt to interfere with the operation of the application or its functions, including, for example, downloading, uploading, transferring corrupted files, viruses, or other harmful materials or using any software, procedures, or devices to interfere with the application.</p> <p>&bull; Take any action resulting in excessive or unreasonable load on the application's infrastructure.</p> <p>&bull; Access or attempt to access the application without permission, including accessing passwords or creating false personal identities and attempting to impersonate your identity or the authority to act on behalf of another person.</p> <p>Responsibilities:</p> <p>&bull; You are responsible for the content of any material distributed by you through the application and for all obligations arising from your use of the application.</p> <p>&bull; We reserve the right to delete any information we deem a violation of any of the terms of use without notice and/or providing such information.</p> <p>&bull; We do not assume responsibility for any loss of profits or any consequential or economic losses of any kind resulting from the information or services we provide.</p> <p>&bull; When an official authority requires additional fees, compliance with the current regulations is mandatory.</p> <p>&bull; These terms and fees are subject to continuous change and development, so subscribers are required to review these terms regularly.</p> <p>Service Interruptions, Errors, and Faults in the Application:</p> <p>The application management makes every effort to ensure the smooth operation of the application without problems. However, errors, faults, service interruptions, and delays may occur at any time. In such cases, we expect users of the application to be patient until the service returns to its normal state.</p> <p>Intellectual Property Rights:</p> <p>The design of the application and its content, including images and logos, are the property of the application (Time), and no party or individual is entitled to use them in any form. You may print and download portions of the materials in the application for non-commercial use, provided you maintain copyright notices and other rights. Any other method of copying, redistributing, publishing, or transmitting any part of the materials available in the application is strictly prohibited without explicit written consent. You agree not to alter or remove any intellectual property rights logos from any materials copied from the application.</p> <p>External Links:</p> <p>The application may contain links to third-party websites not under our control. We provide such links for the sole purpose of convenience and do not assume responsibility for errors on any website linked to the application.</p> <p>Contact Information:</p> <p>We welcome your comments on the privacy policy or any other matter. Please send any inquiries to the following addresses:</p> <ul> <li>Email : info@alwakt.com</li> <li>Twitter</li> <li>Instagram</li> <li>Facebook</li> </ul>

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